Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventures With Baby Brother... in 3D

Ryan is SO into my belly lately! He's only one, but certainly no dummy...there is something definitely up with Mommy's huge tummy! Several times a day Ryan will pull my shirt up and give baby brother kisses on my belly. I'll have to take pictures of that- Cutest thing EVER! I have no doubt that these two boys will be two-peas-in-a-pod... only 19 months apart. We're so excited to meet baby Grady! We recently had an ultrasound in 3D. The images turned out awesome! I'll also post one of Ryan so you can compare the two...I'm thinking they definitely look like brothers....

So cute already!

Want to hold you

First smiles...

I just love his little lips

Crossing his fingers for good luck!

Ryan's 3D Ultrasound at 27wks - Oct. 2007

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Lov'in!

This has been a busy, fun-filled summer so far! We've been able to visit both of Erin's brother's... one in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the other in El Paso, TX. Every summer "Grandma Gluth" traditionally holds a week-long summer Grandma Camp. It's literally a week of non-stop fun! Each year a different grand-child comes to Grandma and Grandpa's in Houston to get lots of special attention. This year it was my 12yr old nephew, Collin's turn. But of course all cousins are welcome. So Ryan and I have gone to Grandma Camp the last two summers. What a treat to get my "Texas fix" and spend all that quality time with the fam! Plus, Ryan is in heaven playing with lots of cousins! The little man is growing SO fast. Lately he has become quite a little fish in the water...and shows off some new Kung-foo skills he learned from his cousin Gloria.(my sister's kids are obsessed with the movie Kung-Foo Panda!)
Beside our out-of-town adventures...Jared is finishing up his final week at the VA Hospital here in Tucson. All the while, my belly is getting huge! This makes packing up the house especially fun. We're enjoying our last weeks in Tucson and have spotted a lot of "wild life" rattle snakes and turanchulas! Thankfully we'll have a couple weeks to visit Jared's family and have a little tropical get-away of our own before Jared starts work in Arkansas and our new little one arrives. Life is crazy busy but exciting at the same time!

My dad and his two girls... a fun day on Lake Conroe

Chuck-E-Chesse's...what a life!

Playing at Pump it up for Grandma Camp

Thanks Grandma for such a fun day at Moody Gardens! This is a "fresh water beach" right next to the Gulf in Galveston, TX. Very fun!

A visit to the aquarium at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX

Making s'mores in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard in Houston...delish!

The boy can swim! Ryan loves the water... and he loves throwing things in the water, like shoes, shirts, and towels.

The first official swim day at Grandma Camp in summer days!

You can't look at this and not smile! This get-up either screams "over-protective" mom or pure silliness. I just think it's hilarious! Thanks to this little tube, Ryan can pretty much swim by himself.

First haircut! Bye, bye baby fuzzy hair... Kinda sad, but we were in the beginning stages of a mullet!

This is SO Jared! We loved that patio pool... fortunately it paid itself off after two uses before we got another one. Fun times...

Yes, that's chocolate... something daddy gave him, yumm!

Having fun in my twin sister's back yard in Houston... 3 peas in a pod!

Nobody can make Ryan laugh like cousin Gloria...he especially loves her kung-foo!

Ryan feels so cool when you put stuff on him... a hat, sunglasses, or a pair of new shoes. He loves to show you how fast he can run!

He can get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog! Makes me smile!

Playing with cousins, Cameron and Christian in Fayetteville, Arkansas...big mess equals lots of fun!

Playing at my brother's house in Arkansas...aka our new home for when we move to Fayetteville. Ryan has a new-found love for cars...compelete with sound-effects

Jared is training Ryan to be a soccer star!

It was great to be in El Paso with Erin's parents and brother's fam! We were there for my two nephews... Braden's baptism and Collin's Priesthood ordination

Braden's Baptism Day.... good look'in boys!