Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Amazing Christmas lights in Downtown Fayetteville

It was a chilly night, but Grady was staying as "snug as a bug under a rug!"

Ryan was so proud of himself for being able to ride the pony "by himself" was proud too!

Merry Christmas and go HOGS!

Me and the Hubby!

Ryan Jared Spencer, 19 months

Grady Michael Spencer, 2 weeks old

Grady, 2wks old

Grady in deep concentration...

Mommy and Grady cheering on the cousins at Jump Zone

Gymboree time...every activity included carrying, rolling, or kicking a ball for Ryan

Ryan and cousin Davis trying to feed the horses their carrots through a hole in the fence. This picture makes me smile...a lot!

Ryan swinging at Wilson Park (21 months)

Bath time for our Grady-boo

Davis and Ryan...the two muskateers!

This is one of my VERY favorite pictures of all time! Ryan and Cousin Davis, partners in crime! This is them making their escape in Grandma and Grandpa Gluth's car!

This picture of Ryan was actually printed in the local newspaper...he's famous!

Can that smile get any bigger!?

Happy Birthday Mom!

Grandma Gluth's B-day dinner with a beautiful sunset! Mom was such a help in the kitchen, she ended up preparing most of the food for her own party!

Grandma and Grandpa Spencer visiting for Grady's blessing

Grandma Gluth always loves taking care of Grady...even if it's staying in the car on a rather windy day at the park. Love ya Mom!

"Something special is going on, they got me all dressed up!"

"Grady Bug"

Grady, 2 months old

Cousin Gloria playing with her new cousin on his special day

Grady's blessing Day, November 8, 2009 It was nice to have so many family and friends there to take part in Grady's special day at church. Grandma and Grandpa Gluth and my twin sister's family came in from Houston. Grandma and Grandpa Spencer came in from Idaho, and Jared's business associates Lance Manning and Murl Baker came with their wives. What a special day!

Our new happy family of 4 on Gray's Blessing day in Fayetteville, AR

I'll just call this "The Truck." Fun for the whole fam. Ryan asks truck home? That means when is daddy going to be here. In the evenings, sometimes we take drives around the neighborhood. Ryan usually navigates.

A sad farewell to my loyal and trusty "companion" of 14yrs...The "Black Beast." aka. my 1996 black Honda Accord LX. This was a Christmas present to me and my twin sister for Christmas. (just after turning 16 So many happy memories! I literally have had it with me all through High School, College, and beyond. It has traveled cross-country and has driven through at least 13 different states... always running perfect. Unfortunately mother-hood for me and "old car age" brought our companionship to a close. We ended up trading it in and getting a GMC Sierra Truck. At least it was a worthy trade in. I'll miss you Black Beast!

Fun times with Grandma and Grandpa Gluth

I love this picture of Ryan sitting on Jared's head!

A beautiful fall day!