Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yes, I know its been a VERY long time since there have been any updates on our blog! There are several reasons for this... I'm still new to the "blogging world" so I'm still figuring out how to arrange things in to that neat little column on the right hand side of the page, and I want to attach my own personal music play-list. Next, We've been in and out of town over a dozen times...not exaggerating! And lastly, which is really the main reason, is because I can't find the USB cable to transfer the hundreds of pictures that have collected on our digital camera, onto our computer. And, because I'm not apt to write long newsy articles about the happenings in our fun little family, which people probably won't read anyway, I'm waiting for the pictures!
I will say this much however... a lot has happened in these short last few months!! Ryan celebrated his first Christmas (owning most of the gifts under the tree, of course) Jared and I had a fun winter, snowboarding retreat in Telluride, CO...I'm not good but had fun anyway. One major change is that Jared and I are moving to Northwest Arkansas this July (: Jared is joining up with a great ENT group and we're excited for our new adventures! And the BIGGEST news is that early in Jan. we found out, Surprise!, we're having another baby due in Sept! Ryan just turned one, had a Big Curious George B-day bash at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Houston...and he is now walking all over the place! Cutest thing I've ever seen!